Appointment Setting Services

If you can’t afford to wait around for referrals to come to you, consider the benefits of our Appointment Setting Services. We provide full-service LinkedIn Lead Generation solutions for B2B organizations, simplifying the process of building new relationships. Generate leads in a consistent and cost-effective manner, with the help of Sondora Marketing. We’ll pinpoint the perfect clients for your business, nurture their interest in your organization and bring qualified leads directly to your door.


Fully Managed B2B LinkedIn Appointments Setting

Our experienced team of expert appointment setters will ensure the unique strengths of your business are leveraged throughout the campaign. If you lack the required time or appointment setting skills to generate quality leads manually, we’re standing by to step in.

By getting to know your business at the deepest level, we’ll be in the strongest possible position to attract and engage new clients. We’ll assess your current position and objective, your achievements to date, your professional background and your USP - all of which will help us connect you with the right audience.


Guaranteed Results

If we do not deliver on the agreed number of Appointments, we'll pay the money back (pro rata).


Here’s how our Appointments Generation Services work:

  1. We’ll ensure your LinkedIn profile is complete and expertly optimized, in order to deliver the strongest possible first impression.
  2. Our appointment setters will research your target audience and identify high-quality leads of relevance to your business.
  3. We make the initial introductions on your behalf, initiating all communications online - we don’t do cold calling.
  4. Careful monitoring and testing enable us to refine our communication strategy for continuous improvements to response rates.
  5. An appointment is made with the prospective client and entered into your calendar, after which you’re free to seal the deal.

In accordance with the requirements of your business and any campaigns you may be running, we’ll create a series of unique introductory messages to engage new prospects. From start to finish, you’ll have the final say on when, where and how we approach prospective clients on your behalf.

What’s more, all campaign activities are meticulously tracked, monitored and reported.

Contact the team at Sondora Marketing today to discuss your requirements in more detail.


The Benefits of Managed Appointment Setting Services

Our expert Appointment Setting Services are designed to save your business time, money and effort in the identification and generation of new leads. Working with Sondora Marketing, your business stands to benefit in the following ways:

  • Development of a reliable and cost-effective proactive lead generation program that delivers a stronger ROI than any other conventional cold outbound strategy.
  • The opportunity to establish meaningful relationships with clients and decision-makers faster and more consistently.
  • A significant boost to your company’s online presence and reputation by generating brand awareness among key clients worldwide.
  • Enormous savings of time and the elimination of efforts wasted on leads that bring no value (monetary or otherwise) to your business.

Please note that our Appointment Setting Services can be tailored to meet both the requirements of your business and your available budget.


Targeting Options

We can find your ideal clients and engage directly with them on your behalf, start a conversation and move it offline by setting an appointment at the time that suits your agenda. Here are the criteria we can use for targeting the right prospects for you: Industry, Location (Country, State, City, even postcode), number of employees, prospect seniority (Owners, C-Level, VP, Manager, etc.), Function (Engineering, Finance, Purchasing, Marketing, Business Development, etc.), or even a Company Name.


Number of Appointments

Our typical target is the generation of 15-20 appointments per month, though this will, of course, differ from one client and campaign to the next. Fewer appointments can be expected for the first month of the project, during which our efforts will be focused primarily on the development of a robust and deliverable strategy. By continuously optimizing our efforts, we strive to continue increasing the number of leads generated throughout the course of the campaign.


Appointment Setting Services Cost:

Per Account: $3,900/month + one-off setup fee $1,900 

More than 3 accounts: Discounts apply.


Agreement Length:

Minimum 3 months


Additional Information

It’s inevitable that some of the leads approached via LinkedIn won’t initially respond to our sequences of messages. In which case, we explore a variety of options for the successful engagement and activation of the passive prospects. We can nurture leads through paid social media campaigns to appeal to their interests and bring them back to a direct discussion with your esteemed company.

With each connection we make throughout the campaign, a detailed ‘Lead List’ is produced in Excel or Google Sheets for your company’s on-going reference, which includes:

  1. Name and Surname
  2. Company Name
  3. Position
  4. Direct Email
  5. City, State, Country
  6. Phone Number if Available
  7. Other Information

The Lead List can also be delivered upon agreement with us at an extra charge. What would several thousands of the high quality leads list mean to you in terms of business growth potential, time and cost saving?

For more information or to discuss your requirements in more detail, book your obligation-free consultation with Sondora Marketing today.

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