Augmented Reality (AR) for Business

Cold calling is losing its magic. The standard website homepage is dying (landing pages will follow soon after). The next most significant frontier in customer acquisition and retention is pegged on how well you will provide interactive and fluid user experiences at various customer touch points. What's our recommendation? Immersive Technology, including Augmented Reality.


Augmented Reality: Sparking New Innovation for A Dynamic Marketing Landscape

Let’s take Laura’s case:

Laura is a lady in her mid-20’s who works in a private business. She wants to buy a stylish handbag online for work. Her friends will be interested in seeing her new catch. So she’s wary of the little things she and her friends feel make up an amazing handbag.

Laura is interested in finding out what type of bags are on offer—not just how much they cost. Will the various selections available online and offline appeal to her (and her friend’s) sense of style?

She fires up her smartphone and searches on Google. Her first stop is a popular fashion blog and then a DIY vlog. She is searching for something classy and trendy. Having watched a similar handbag video from the vlog, she wants to find out how the bag would fit her (not a paid model).

With a leather bag in mind, she fires up a new browser tab to find local stores that have “her” handbag.

In what feels like a lifetime and then some, Laura is frustrated to discover several favorite local retailers do not have working online stores.


Surprise! Surprise!

She is even more surprised that a popular e-commerce site she is browsing only shows up five pictures of the handbag (all of which are clearly stock images). No video. Only static graphics.

How is she supposed to tell the bag will suit her height, volume needs, and color preference from stock photos?

That won’t work.

Laura is furious she’ll have to wait until she gets time off work to go handbag shopping in person. That would be after forever, considering its Wednesday.  She’d like to show up at Vanessa’s Friday Night house-party with her new catch. So time is leaking, fast.

She could walk into any brick-and-mortar local store. But there are a few problems:

  • Her private sector job is demanding, so finding the time to commute over to a centrally located store is a challenge
  • She would much prefer to try several bags on before committing to a purchase, too. So getting enough time for comparisons after work (6:30 - 7 pm) is a tough call
  • Yet she hates the inconvenience and hassle of making returns (who doesn’t) if a seller was willing to ship it to her for a home trial. What if the bag fell short of her and her girlfriends’ expectations?

These seemingly simple detours are keeping her from buying.

At Sondora, we are increasingly finding more people in Laura’s situation.  Yet innovative brands could start making a killing now from this emerging need.

How do you help qualified leads like Laura to buy conveniently from your eCommerce site or web store?


Introducing Augmented Reality (AR) for Businesses

AR is helping enthusiasts to project interactive computer-generated 3D images, motion graphics, and video, as well as text onto real-life objects.

No fancy eyewear necessary.

Just grab a normal smartphone or a tablet. Download a compatible AR app. Fire it up and follow a few prompts to start using your phone’s camera and display to interact with digital elements in real-time. Easy!

If Laura is waiting for her bus or metro train next to a printed fashion poster, or Laura is reading her Fashion Magazine and notices a nice bag she fancies. Now Laura can bring this bag to life by pointing her smartphone or a tablet at the poster, open a 360 degrees view 3D bad that looks so real on her gadget and in a matter of one tap get to a corresponding page of a brand’s online shop to complete the purchase.  What an amazing, exciting and user-friendly transition from offline to online. Marketers would call it an opportunity for increased conversion and visibility.

Here’s how Sondora’s custom AR for a business solution would help you turn Laura from a furious browser to your brand’s evangelist.


How AR is Benefiting Businesses: Real-life Use Case

Sondora could integrate a seamless AR system with your e-commerce site or web store. Still, we could create an AR powered mobile app for your retail business.

The technology would be available to Laura either way.

Backed by a 3D visualization element, Laura can then use her smartphone to project any bag from your online catalog to:

  • Tinker with various menu options such as “dyeing” different colors
  • Rotate a 3D image of the bag to assess how it would look and feel in real-life
  • She could even use her front camera and AR app to project the digital handbag on herself to see if it looks gorgeous on her. Meaning she would be able to “try the bag on” without ever stepping into your local store. It is what she wanted.

Problem solved.

She’s more than likely to share the exquisite customer experience with her friends, and you’d have a new tribe singing praises for your ground-breaking innovation.


A Custom AR Solution Made for Just You

Our AR technology use cases extend beyond the fashion and retail industries. We recently installed a custom AR solution for a pharmaceutical company and they are ecstatic about it.

Here are other industries we are ready to create a custom augmented and virtual reality business solutions for:

·      AR for Business (Human Resources and IT)

·      AR for Design

·      AR for Manufacturing/Industry

·      AR for Construction & Architecture

·      AR for Logistics

·      AR for Healthcare


Wondering how AR could be suitable for your industry?

Contact us today and find out how we can help you implement a perfect AR use case for your business.



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