Creative Graphic Design

The importance of graphic design for business is crucial. This is especially so when executing a sound digital marketing strategy to realize online marketing success. Create a digitally native effective design while keeping your heritage intact.


Inject power and personality into your brand, improve social shares and boost sales with relevant creative graphic design

In an age where visual appeal matters a ton, graphic design services for business can help ramp up your branding and presentation needs. The role of a designer is rapidly changing. Yes, it’s more significant than aesthetics now. Greater than being a craftsman. With the global acceptance of design thinking, we embrace our position in the knowledge economy, seeking to provide value over and above pushing pixels.


Why is Graphic Design Important for Your Business?

Graphic design is no longer just about pushing pixels and glowing aesthetics. Research shows job roles that comprise design elements motivate employees to become 41% more productive than the average employee.

Besides, creative and relevant graphics persuade customers to:

  • Recognize and engage with your brand
  • See your business as a professional brand
  • More willingly engage with your brand
  • Easily process your message, and
  • Share your value with their circles on social media

All these design thinking benefits can certainly translate to growing your reach and attracting more business to you.


Helping You to Design a Compelling, Sociable, Interactive Brand

Immersive visual elements can help you to enlighten, engage and enchant your target customer at every stage of the customer journey. And how good you make your customer experience feel matters in branding and customer retention.

Using the best design elements for your niche will help your customers to emotionally connect with your messaging and earn their trust.

A brand identity is increasingly becoming more valuable. And more customers are willing to spread your value to their loved ones via social media if you could bundle your message in an attractive, easy to share package.


A Graphic Design Company in Ticino, Switzerland

Sondora considers a graphic design an effective marketing tool for clients. We could tell professional design work was highly underestimated.

Our aim was, and still is, to array professional graphic design services to nurture your growth through:


·      Graphic design for corporate branding

Boost your uniqueness and stand out from your competitors. Well-thought-out and executed visual design elements (including logo design or logotype, other corporate identity, infographics etc), can boost your brand recognition and understanding.

You can easily use:

  • Graphic design for business logo, name and custom illustrations
  • Graphic design for business professionals: needs such as designing business cards, letterheads, website design, print design, Pinterest design for business, etc.
  • Graphic design for business infographics and promotional activities such as brochures and flyers


·      Graphic Design for Business Presentations

Great presentation design tools can help you create attention-grabbing and seamless images, text, and videos. That way you can improve presentation comprehension and even illustrate how your product works.

Hence, the value of graphic design on business communication cannot be understated. Sondora is committed to helping you create graphics that infuse creativity and personality into your business while aligning seamlessly with your marketing strategy. Our graphic designers are helping companies’ branding truly stand out and get understood and memorized.


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