Human beings are wired to be visual.

And guess what…

It takes a visitor just under 5 seconds to decide whether to continue on your site or check somewhere else, to like and feel what you stand for or not. Such is the time you have to attract, invite, welcome and retain your customers.

Which is why our graphic designers, motion designersweb designers, web development and UI/UX experts brainstorm to create beautiful user interfaces and identities that will attract and fascinate your target audience.


Design your Ideal Brand with Impactful Design Thinking



·      Beautiful:

First impressions matter when you want to get the recognition you deserve.

Often, what visitors see on your online touch points is the brand image they will form of you. Make your visitors love and relate to what they see. From exciting and good-looking business logo designs to responsive websites and in-app interfaces.


·      Intuitive:

Your visitors want to spend more time on easy to understand and navigate sites.

Help your visitors get the information they need fast and conveniently with natural design elements. See how we can help you create designs that your visitors expect without boring them to tears. We do not guess. We use science and expert knowledge backed by extensive testing.


·      Delightful:

You do not want your customer to work on accessing you.

Instead, use engaging, relevant and clean design to ramp up connections and grow your brand online and offline. Design thinking is our way of life at Sondora. And it pays to be delightful, so we will show you how to grow your business too.


Beautiful, intuitive and delightful. That is how you enhance customer experiences and grow a loyal customer base.

Now that makes cents.

Over to you…

Ready to cut the guesswork from your inbound marketing and branding strategy with intriguing, clean and intuitive design?

We make attractive designs that provide you with a solid foundation for your online and offline presence. The aim is to help you get a design that generates brand recognition and loyalty.

Jump on a chat with the SONDORA design team to see for yourself.