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Customer-focused and Personalized Email Marketing Increases Sales. Email marketing campaigns are the backbone of successful digital marketing. The marketing channel is also virtually free-of-charge for opted-in customers compared to some other digital marketing techniques today. Hence a well-executed email marketing strategy can boost sales for businesses working with a small or big marketing budget.

In our opinion, email marketing is a must-have marketing channel for leads nurturing, cross-selling and up-selling, for building long-lasting relationships with your target audience. It is always cheaper to sell to an existing customer than to a new one. That's where emails play a major role.


Connect. Engage. Follow Up with Confidence. Convert to Sales.

Bounce rates can hurt your bottom line. Therefore, we suggest checking the quality of your email database occasionally using email verifier. Having your data cleaned, you improve the campaign's performance and measure the success or failure better.

If you do not have an inspiring email opt-in setup on your online assets, you are gifting your competition with the business you need. Instead of losing potential long-term customers, you could be generating more sales from following up on leads that show an intention to buy from you.

Here's how.


Bringing the Best Minds Together to Serve You

We partnered with a like-minded solutions provider to afford you the best email marketing tools for your campaign's success.

We collaborate with SALESmanago and Infusionsoft (Keap) to help you automate your email marketing drives with less hassle. Both are marketing automation solutions providers with a track record for innovative, user-friendly services. With their technical solutions for setting up great email campaigns, SONDORA's marketing automation experts perform highly efficient campaigns at scale.

Now we are ready to partner with you and provide you with custom email based solutions to suit your business, product, service and/or target audience.

These include targeted email sequences in the form of newsletters and updates to call your target audience to take the desired action, at the time your customers are more likely to convert.


Increase Sales with Timely Messaging

To boost conversions, you'll want to send the right message to the right person and at the right time. It can be tough to combine and execute successfully.

But using the best email marketing tools can help you to cut down bounce rates and while improving open rates, conversion and retention.

Once we set up your marketing automation software, it will empower you to follow up on leads based on their behavior on your site. And within a reasonably short period, we'll help you clean your database with surgical precision.

And you do not have to lift a finger.


Marketing Automation Made Easy

The advanced mailing system will help you take the guesswork out of the business of generating prospects, nurturing leads, and converting visitors into buyers.

Emailing is even more powerful today. And you no longer have to slave long hours to monitor leads' behavior.

You are a smart organization. So you'll want to leverage advanced email marketing software to power your marketing and sales funnels. You can maximize conversions on user-friendly dynamic landing pages this way. Let the customers see precisely what they want to look at.

We will help you set up an automated email marketing system that works. You can then choose to spend fewer hours monitoring leads and more time enchanting your customer experience.


Grow your Digital Community. Improve Brand Engagement

You want to grow your database of subscribers. And a good email marketing plan can help you build a healthy email list in a reasonable time. One of emails greatest strengths is its combination of traditional and modern marketing aspects that make it easy to roll out for any business.

With the right email marketing services team, you can comfortably execute your email strategy with confidence and enjoy returns on your investment.

Free onboarding and no long-term contractual commitment is required.

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