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Pay Per Click Marketing: The Tried-and-True Fast-lane to Visibility, Engagement, and Conversions. Want your online marketing drive fast? You are right to deploy paid search ads if you have aggressive short to medium-term growth plans. This is a great compliment to the slow-yielding and long-term approach to inbound marketing. We help our clients to fast-charge their outreach and digital visibility needs to achieve their business objectives. Choose our Internet Advertising Agency (also called Pay Per Click Agency often) that can truly help you generate more business quickly.

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Your Online Advertisement should be displayed where your target audience is. A marketing expert with experience can always recommend the best platform that provides an optimal quality-to-quantity ratio.

Our team has extensive experience in running and optimizing the  following advertisements:

  • Google Adwords (Google Ads)
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Xing Marketing Solutions
  • Yandex.Direct
  • Display Ads on business vertical relevant platforms

Power Your Adwords With Purpose to Boost Conversions

SONDORA SA's team appreciates that you want a PPC advertising company that has a deep understanding of your end user, your products, and services. With us, you get a results-focused team of paid search specialists, SEO specialist, SEM professionals, creative ad copywriters and graphic designers. Our Online Advertising Agency team will hold frequent brainstorming sessions for each one of your PPC campaigns before greenlighting.

That way you can get the most effective paid search strategy upfront, so you can harness your target market’s intent with precision.


How to Make Your Paid Search Campaign Work for You?

Here’s how we have done it for happy clients before and how we will help you achieve faster growth too.

  • Use cutting-edge marketing technology and PPC software to capture solid paid search analytics, so you can capture and analyze real customer signals.
  • SONDORA takes the guesswork out of this scientific procedure by focusing on the segment of prospects and users that will maximize conversions—meaning better ROI for you
  • Leverage our SEO and SEM expertise to capture your users’ intent and behavior, so we can help you create relevant PPC ads and boost click-through across all digital platforms
  • You get your own Google AdWords certified professionals ready to create targeted Google Ads and Google advertising channels such as YouTube and Google+
  • Take advantage of our audience targeting expertise to become visible (and popular) where your target customers hang out most.
  • Ramp up your social media marketing drive with data-backed Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, LinkedIn Marketing and video marketing. Boost an engagement across the largest social media networks today.
  • Then we’ll help you (and your team) develop relevant landing pages to capture and subsequently nurture leads to boost conversions
  • We won’t stop there. You’ll benefit from daily, weekly and monthly PPC ads tracking, A/B/X testing and performance measurements from us. So our Advertising Firm can make informed decisions to continuously boost your SEM and SMM campaigns and reach those KPIs within your target time

All the while, you won’t have to wear your brains out trying to crunch the numbers. That’s why we are here for you.

Not only that.

From experience, we have learned the best paid search marketing campaigns need expert monitoring, analysis and continuous implementation of new insights.


Sondora works with you every step of the way.

It is a fast-paced environment, but we’ll help you advance along just fine. Here’s how:

We will assign you a specialized project manager just for that. You can reach out to this real person to learn how far along we are with your PPC strategy. If you have suggestions, we are big on brainstorming and welcome constructive feedback.


And here’s what you get after all with our Pay Per Click advertising and consulting:

  • Tangible PPC ad campaign results (with data to see it in action yourself) to
  • Continuous support across various digital marketing platforms (we’ll even show you the best platform for PPC based on your product, service or target audience)
  • A solid foundation for other forms of online marketing such as organic traffic leads (you choose what to do it)
  • A hearty supply of pay per click marketing tips to help you sustain results (and maximize ROI)

Paid search marketing is your fast track to visibility online, increased engagement and tangible returns on investment. And an Internet Advertising Firm SONDORA SA has just what it takes to get you from 0-100 in a reasonable time.

Just hit contact and jump on a free consultation with a pay-per-click specialist that is happy to see you succeed.


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