Redesign and Development (CMS Nopcommerce)

About Project

Lillashop is a large multi-brand apparel and fashion online store built on Nopcommerce. There were several major challenges before we started working on this Project. The very first step we made is the Design of a holistic Digital Marketing Strategy and a detailed Road Map development covering the next 18 months of the Strategy Execution.

> 100% increase in Organiс Traffiс

> 200% increase in Revenue

> 350% increase in Conversion

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads – Positive ROI every month

Main Goals

Strategy Design and Execution

Defining the SMART goals, choosing the target audience, Branding Strategy, Positioning remodelling, obtaining a larger reach to the target market with 4 online channels improvement (organic search, paid search, social media advertising, email), an increase of the opted-in newsletter subscribers number, exponential revenue growth, website redesign and conversion rate optimization, business process optimization through website back-end development, KPIs for measuring the success or failures across all activities.

New Master Navigation

After 2 months of an in-depth analysis of the website users behavior and after interviewing the website users in person, the key issues were identified and tackled. A New Master Navigation was designed by our Design Team for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Versions of the Website. Then a Development Team brought a new user-friendly design to life.



One-Page Checkout

The number of abandoned checkout pages users was 2.5 times higher than the industry average. The checkout had 5 steps before the Project launch. Therefore, a complete Customer Journey analysis was initiated. One-Page checkout was one of the major solutions for improving the User Experience.

Within the first month of the introduction of the first release of the new checkout page, this page was modified twice to provide even better experience to the buyers. And the online chat was added to reduce the cart and checkout page abandonment even further.



New Filters

The old filters were confusing to the buyers. Having conducted a thorough analysis of how do the users interact with filters, a major UX/UI redesign was carried out by our UX/UI specialist.

Some Results

Within 4-6 months

  • Over 100% Increase in organiс traffic and still growing daily, as SEO kicks in with time delay
  • Over 350% increase in Conversion to Sales due to UX/UI/CRO
  • Over 200% increase in Revenue
  • Each month and every PPC advertising channel (Google, Facebook, Instagram) is Net Profit positive
  • 20% less daily time spent on administrative tasks (orders, products, inventory, shipments) by employees due to back-end improvements
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