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Finding quality leads will grow your business. To do that, you might have to look beyond favorite lead generation techniques and use a reliable lead generation agency that works for your target market. It's time to optimize your lead generation strategy to generate quality leads and gain new business.


SONDORA is a Lead Generation Agency based in Switzerland and serving the clients from local market as well as US and EU


Your Lead Generation Consultant 

The buying process is continually changing. Marketers are now looking for better and proven ways to reach new prospects. Instead of using traditional mass advertising or other conventional methods, Business Owners and Marketing Managers must now focus on discovering what their customers want without being disrupted, and on delivering the most effective bilateral communication to convert them from prospects to loyal customers. Now is the right time for businesses to adapt to a new connected world’s reality and build a well-oiled lead generation machine.

The right lead generation agency will help you improve how you nurture generate, qualify and convert the Leads to the Buying Customers.


Generate High Quality Leads with Little Risk

Traditional lead generation methods can be expensive, yet ineffective. Sondora deploys independent lead generation techniques for opportunity qualifications. We then use modern marketing techniques to identify, reach and develop warm leads among target audiences with little upfront investment from you.

Eliminate the guesswork from your lead generation strategy. Team up with a lead generation company you can trust to supply you with the right prospects.


Take Advantage of All Leads Generation Opportunities

Explore new markets through SONDORA with little risk to you. Our customers know we go beyond their set parameters to find the right leads for them.

We are keen to reach your future customer from multiple channels. And we have developed parameters to not only reach out to leads but also follow-up, nurture and qualify them for your specific interest.

We will even help you create a solid leads generation action plan. You can use it to create targeted value upfront, so you can attract high quality leads to your sales funnel.


Give Your Sales and Marketing Teams Reason to Win

Helping your sales and marketing team to identify and develop leads with little churn is our specialty. Our lead generation agency strategies come from years of constant research and updated marketing programs.

Eliminate the low-quality leads that destroy your sales force’s motivation. And give your sales team quality leads to work with. Our lead generation specialist team is at your disposal.


Get the Qualified Leads You Need to Grow the Business You Want

It is a competitive business environment.  You want the sure way to generate quality leads so that you can hit your sales targets on time and budget. You can depend on SONDORA to only send you warm leads you can nurture and convert with little effort, time and investment.

Let us know how you define lead generation success. Your KPIs. We measure success with the number of eligible sales opportunities we create.


Ready to optimize your lead generation process?

You can use the time and money saved to enhance customer experiences. And that means better opportunities for you to generate even more business with your current clients through repeat business and warm referrals.

Whether you need B2B lead generation services or B2C lead generation solutions. You are at the right place. It is easy, fast and affordable. Based on your needs, we are ready to help you generate new leads and business within a few days after the first contact. Our lead generation agency is always happy to help you succeed.

Get started today (and get a few FREE lead generation ideas).

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