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Managing your marketing activities from different platforms and software using manual method is no easy task. The Advanced Marketing Automation is probably what you need.

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Simplification and efficiency are what most businesses strive for. We can help you automate your marketing business processes with the most efficient and GDPR compliant solutions currently available in the market or create a bespoke solution tailored to your specific needs.

Example 1. Here is an example of the Marketing Automation Project completed for a Client:


Did you know that Marketing Automation Platform can significantly improve your funnels productivity, including lead nurturing, lead generation and conversions by enhancing such areas as:

1) Mobile and Website marketing
2) E-mail marketing
3) Social Media Marketing
4) CRM & Digital Body Language



What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketers to be more efficient on multiple channels online (website, social media, mobile applications, email, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks and gather a better knowledge of your customers’ behavior and buying process.


Some Benefits of Marketing Automation

By automating marketing and sales processes, businesses save the most valuable resource (time) they would have to spend on manual operations. Marketing teams who have chosen to take advantage of marketing automation can focus on critical strategic processes and have no task forgotten or left out. Companies working with Marketing Automation report on average:

  • 300 % increase in the number of contacts referred to sales teams
  • falling numbers of ignored leads: from 80% to 25%
  • 10% increase in revenues owing to contact management automation only
  • in 63% of cases revenue increases reported are higher than those of the competitors


How does marketing automation work and how to set up the best marketing automation process?

Advanced Marketing Automation is typically based on Automation Rules. Using these rules, you can automatically react to behaviors identified for contacts recorded in your database.

Example 2. If a customer from your database visits your Lake Boat selling website page twice in one day, we are pretty confident a Sales Team needs to get an automated signal via email immediately.

Example 3. If a customer has abandoned the shopping cart, it might be a good idea to automatically reach out by email,  SMS or VMS with an incentive to complete the purchase. And in such case, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enriched Automation Software will dynamically pull out the best offer for this specific customer that this person can benefit from. And deliver at the right time knowing the buying behavior of this customer.

The Automation Rules enable you to execute simple actions, such as automated notifications and alerts regarding your prospects’ activity.

Once you learn how to use the Automation Rules, we suggest to step up the game and start using Workflows.


What is Marketing Automation Workflow?

A Workflow is a set of interlinked automation rules. You can run fully automated, sophisticated and advanced marketing campaigns thanks to workflows. Workflow design looks similar to developing a programming algorithm. The process might seem complicated initially. But don’t you worry. Our experts will guide you through the setup process. And we’ll support your ongoing activities at later stages as well.

Example 4. Here is a fragment of the workflow created for a client



How does automation work?

Automation rules allow performing specific marketing and sales actions based on specified criteria.

You need THREE main elements to create an automation process:

  • Events 

    – which is what you wish to react to automatically. For instance: a visit to your website page “X”, your email message is clicked on, adding a prospect to your marketing campaign, prospect’s scoring reaching a predefined value.

  • Conditions 

    – which allow you to specify precisely the contacts for which the system should perform actions and the ones that require no response. For instance: Your website visitor receives an individual score after having completed specific activities (e.g., check “X” webpage OR watched “Y” video OR Filled “Z” form requesting an EBook AND within a time frame of “1 month”).  So you might run a campaign specifically for those customers with a score ABOVE a certain number OR for customers that performed a specific action on your Mobile App.

  • Actions

    – you need to tell the system what do if an Event happened and Conditions are met. Available actions include initiation of communication via the best-suited marketing channel, a notification sent to the sales department or Call Center, transfer of a given contact within a company, moving the prospect between stages of the sales process or updating the contact’s card, or more… a lot more…

You can also set Alternative Rules, which are automatically triggered when some conditions are not fulfilled.

The best marketing automation platforms allow you to set up any number of automation rules and create comprehensively automated marketing processes leading your prospects from the awareness stage to the point of purchase and beyond.


Do you need a Customer Database to benefit from Marketing Automation?

Absolutely, yes. Your Database is a foundation of the Marketing Automation. When you automate your marketing, you engage with a database in most cases. Many companies have high email bounce rates (hard bounces and soft bounces combined) because a significant portion of the database is outdated, inconsistent and full of incorrect information. Few companies have the whole database organically developed, and with a double opt-in process utilized. That’s just the reality.

If your database is not clean, an advanced marketing automation software can help you get rid of the data you don’t need to keep. This action alone is already worth investing into the Marketing Automation software, not to mention all other countless benefits for a business.

If you do not have a Database yet, you can still drive value to an unidentified website visitors via several online channels provided certain conditions are met. The Automation software is fit even for such tasks.


Best Marketing Software for Automation works with multiple channels

What we have learned in DACH region and Italy is that the Marketing Automation is often perceived to be an Email Automation only. And our goal is to inform businesses in B2C and B2B that the scope of Marketing Automation capabilities is a lot broader than Email.

Here are some of the Applications of the Advanced Marketing Automation software we offer, all on one platform:

  1. Website Marketing Tools:

  • Dynamic Content tailored to specific users. Personalization improves your customer experience significantly. Display those products on the website that your customer cares about the most and increase your conversion at the spot. Example: If you use our solution your system knows that this specific customer prefers “X” color and typically buys a product “Y”. So the website will dynamically pull the product for this customer to see first. That’s a correct personalization.
  • The use of Web Beacon. Mark specific actions the visitors perform on your web pages. Example: Every time the customer clicks “Learn more” on the page this action is tagged and stored. So next time you want to target the customers familiar with a specific service or product you can run a tailor-made and targeted campaign with precision.
  • Progressive Contact Forms. We all know that website visitors don’t like filling up lengthy forms. So we give you the tools for a gentler data acquisition.Example: on the first visit we ask for an email, on a second visit we ask for a name and phone number, on a third visit we ask for a company name, on the fourth visit we ask for a date of birth. Never ask your visitor the same question again.
  • Use of Exit Pop-Up. If your customer exits without completing the targeted task you may want to inform about some exciting offer, remind of a new release or an item on Sale. Example: An online shopper hasn’t completed a purchase and exited the webpage. You may want to inform on the exit pop-up that every buyer of your product that completed purchase by the end of the month receives a gift to incentivize the customer to complete the purchase.
  • Website Visitors Scoring. Every time an important event on the website is carried out, the customer obtains an additional score in the system. Once the score is high enough, you can perform a targeted action. Example: The website visitor came to your premium offer webpage, downloaded the EBook about the product, came back to this page and rechecked the pricing, the system adds up a score for each of the actions. So this customer may be tagged as “Hot Lead” so the automatic email notification is sent to a Sales Person dedicated to the specific Premium Product your customer is interested in.
  • Website Visitors Tagging. Once your website visitor performs a particular action on the website, the system can automatically tag this action in the system. So you can build your automated campaign against those customers that are relevant to your campaign. Example: Anyone who downloaded your Lead Nurturing piece of Content from a specific page is tagged with “XYZ_EBook_Download” or similar tag. So once you decide to invite the audience interested in the service or product mentioned in the “XYZ EBook” you can create an automated pin-sharp targeted campaign in no time.
  • Web Push and Rich Web Push Notifications. Some visitors want to be updated on the latest offers or news coming from your company. Having obtained the customer’s consent on receiving the notifications, you can then communicate to your customers with Web Push Notifications, even if the customer is not on your website at the moment. Example: You release the new limited edition of the headphones and want to promote it to the most loyal customers. Typically, the customers that allow your company to send the Push Notifications are the loyal customers. So you may release a message through the Push Notifications to the loyal audience first. And it’s virtually free for you.
  • Live Chat. The way people “talk” to each other is changing rapidly. The mobile messaging applications have turned the world of communications upside down. Many customers do not want to talk to brands over the phone, yet need to have answers immediately. By adding a Live Chat to your website, you provide a tool to your visitors to ask essential questions. Example: A customer sees a product and the price and agrees to conditions. But the shipping time is several days longer than required. In most cases, such customer would leave the online store and buy the product elsewhere. If you have a Live Chat active on your webpage, this person would ask a question about the possibility to improve the shipping time. Now the ball is in your court, and it’s up to you to provide the reassurance that the product gets to a customer on time, or not. At least you have a chance of satisfying the customer’s need before the customer abandons the Shopping Cart. Live Chat gives an great conversion boost to your online shop.
  • A/B/X Testing Engine. Improving your conversion rate should be a continually ongoing process. There is no better way of seeing the performance of each piece of content, including banners, contact forms, landing pages or dynamic banners than an A/B/X live testing. With our solution, you can run an endless number of tests with any number of creations. You have access to a user-friendly tool that gives you full control over the display of creations in real time during the test and after its completion. Example: Your team is debating over the color of the Call-To-Action button and its location. By creating several versions and making A/B/X testing, you’ll receive the precise CTR (Click-Through-Rate) of each of the versions while they all run simultaneously. Gather some statistical significance, and the choice of the best performing content shall become obvious.
  • Anonymous Visitors retargeting. Not all the visitors are part of your database obviously. The marketers’ job is to make sure that the visitor has found the answers to the questions and that the customer’s need is fulfilled. By having the anonymous visitor giving consent to the use of cookies or Web Push notifications you get a chance of remarketing to the unidentified customers. Example: A new visitor has checked one of your service pages. Being unfamiliar with your brand such visitor may move forward to another website. What you want to do is inform such potential customer about the history and values of your brand, about the success stories of your clients, about the benefits for those using your service. You may reach the anonymous visitors outside of your website with the right messages to win the trust and loyalty to your company.
  1. E-mail Marketing Tools for True Personalization and Subsequent Conversion Rate Improvement:

    • Automated behavioral segmentation based on the contact’s behavior on your website– Performs automated segmentation of contacts by looking at which products and services featured on your website have attracted your contact’s interest as well as the time of repeat visits.
    • The right content is sent to the right person at the right time– thanks to the behavioral profile of your contacts and information concerning the time of visit to the website we will automatically deliver tailored content and offers to particular prospects when they are potentially interested in purchasing your product.
    • Unique e-mail personalization possibilities (Personalization 3.0)– with Advanced Marketing Automation solutions each prospect may receive an email with the name of the product they viewed on your website displayed in the message title. This method dramatically increases the effectiveness of your e-mailings.
    • Here are some important E-mail capabilities everyone gets access to with an automation service:
      • Intuitive email and newsletter creator
      • Free library of responsive templates
      • Import of contacts and mailing lists
      • Import of ready-to-use newsletters from ZIP archives
      • Mailings to customer groups and segments
      • Test mailings and A/B tests
      • Autoresponders
      • Personalization based on personal data
      • Time limits on mailings
      • Automated opt-in, opt-out, double opt-in features
      • Mailing date planning and serial mailings
      • Hard and soft bounce detection
      • Automated removal of wrong addresses from your database
      • Email deliverability monitoring
      • Reports on opened and clicked e-mailings
    • Here are E-mail capabilities for Advanced Users:
      • Automated and dynamic emails
      • E-mails with a personalized product offer
      • E-mails with a customized static offer
      • Automated content from RSS channel
      • Automated content from WWW channel
      • Serial newsletters from XML channel
      • Lead Nurturing and Drip Marketing
      • E-mails with an abandoned basket
      • Advanced targeting of mailings
      • To groups responding to previous emails
      • To groups based on transactional data
      • To groups based on behavioral data
      • Multi-variant targeting
      • Advanced personalization of e-mail content
      • Customization of message titles
      • Personalization of product information in message titles
      • Surveys and questionnaires with reporting
      • Advanced mode of deliverability management
      • Own IP
      • Own mailing server with maintenance



Integrations with your current IT environment:



Social Media

Supporting Tools


Magento 2SAP Business OneFacebook Bots for MessengerZapierTwilio
WooCommerceBitrix24Facebook Custom AudiencesLeadsBridgeMaterna Communications
PrestaShopUpdate.CRMFacebook AdsOmniconvertSITMobile
ShopifyMicrosoft DynamicsTwitterSurvicateMailChimp
AtomstoreLiveSpace CRMYoutubeRemintrexVoicecom
2ClickShopZoho  Textmarketer
ShopwareRedmineCRM  Labyrintti
    Euro SMS
    TCG Telecom


Which Marketing Automation Software Is The Best?

We have tested most of the top marketing automation systems. And we were pleased to see that several platforms work very well and offer great tools for automation, personalization and can genuinely improve customer experience.

Then we have looked into the Financials of the companies providing the Advanced Marketing Automation solutions. And several market leaders have never been profitable. This fact has raised our concerns over the long-term impact on our clients’  performance.

We are not in the position to state which Marketing Automation platform is BEST. But we have chosen SALESmanago as our long-term Partner for our Clients’ Advanced Marketing Automation needs.



We offer 3 Packages:

Monthly license fee, EUR/month EUR 49EUR 149 UPON REQUEST
Monthly Fee for Number of Contacts in DatabaseUp to 200EUR 0-
Up to 1,000EUR 49EUR 199
Up to 10,000EUR 199EUR 499
Up to 30,000EUR 299EUR 600
What is included 

E-Mail Marketing


Live Chat

Web Push Notifications

Website Visitor Identification

CRM & Contact Management

And more.


Marketing Automation Workflows

Dynamic emails with Recommendations

Dynamic Website Content

Anonymous Marketing Automation

Social Media Posting & Ads Integration

Intelligent pop-ups

And more.


Buying Behavior Machine Learning

Custom Automation Triggers

Custom Dynamic Content

Advanced Digital Body Language Tracking

Sales Chat Bot with Recommendations

RFM Segmentation & Automation

Mobile Marketing Automation

Progressive Profiling

Dynamic Remarketing

IT & Consulting Support Package

And more.


What can Sondora do for your business and your customers…

By having read the above-stated capabilities of an Advanced Marketing Automation system, you might get overwhelmed over the upcoming work to be done. And we understand why. But we promise anyone can learn and start working with the platform quickly.

Simplicity and Perfection are achieved through the hard work and struggle. For this reason, we shall support you wholeheartedly. We will help you build up the system you need and train your team until there is no question left unanswered. And once the system is designed and built, we can start observing your success.

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