Presentations Design and ReDesign

Do you have a Board meeting coming up or an important webinar with an audience that expects nothing but perfection? Unfortunately, Keynote or PowerPoint Presentation Design is an average user’s worst nightmare with so many disturbances like “This arrow doesn’t get exactly to THAT box” or “The colors don’t work together. Ouch. It’s so much text! No one will read it…”

We’ve all been there.


Presentation Design Ideas Are Easy To Get

So how do you keep your audience in focus? Our answer is a delightful design and visual storytelling. Yes, it requires a professional designer. That’s why we have added presentations design to our offering. And it’s one of the most popular services Sondora offers. We create presentations to your requirements. We will be happy to save you of your next presentation hassles.

It’s inevitable in modern presentation design. You have to work with it. And work with it great. That is if you want to make even a sense of impact:

You are working with short attention spans. And your presentation design can make or break your mission.

You have 10 minutes to grab attention, start the connection with your audience, and simultaneously make your case.

If you are pitching an idea in a virtual business meeting, the audience’s attention span dwindles even further, faster. You need to make an impression quickly with the best presentation design for the proposal.

When pitching a new idea at a business meeting or it’s the boss, that crucial potential client, shareholders, or the press you have to make a presentation to, you don’t want them shuffling their feet—revving to go.

You want them taking notes. You want them nodding to your points. You want them keenly following your every word. Every image. Every number. Understanding your pitch—pitch perfectly.

Not checking their phones under the table.

You don’t want your audience mentally checking out of your PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation in less than 10 minutes.

It’s painful because it is nearly impossible to deliver business-building insights or update recommendations when nobody is paying enough attention, long enough to get what you have to say.


How to get design ideas on PowerPoint?

That's actually easy if you get well equipped. So read on.


1. Use the Right Types of Keynote, Google Slides or PowerPoint Presentations

In our experience working with dozens of professional PPT presenters over the years, we have created and redesigned different types of PowerPoint presentations to make the most impact for our clients.

Types of Presentations

  1. Decision-making Presentations

Goal: To provide the necessary information the listener needs to make the right decision

Example applications: proposals, sales, project reports, crisis response presentations


This type of presentation should convince the audience to take initiative and act on the presenter’s recommendations/proposal/insights. For example, sales presentations are meant to lead a prospect to purchase a service or product.

For successful conviction, start by clearly presenting what the product or service is and what problem it’s made to solve.

Be sure to vividly illustrate the problem’s effects so far, and possible ones too. Use visual aids to describe facts, offer explanations, and interpretations. Also, use animations to present suggestions that illustrate how the current problem could be changed by your proposal.

See example pitch deck:

So look for a presentation design template that can help you present the current situation in crisp clarity and clearly illustrate your suggestions at work. That way you can get the approval you are looking for.


  1. Informative Presentations

Goal: Providing information

Example applications: visualizing data, project updates, product features, research reports


Make it useful, concise, and accurate. It could be a project update presentation or a PowerPoint presentation to deliver the findings of a study. This type of presentation should stick to the facts, describe facts, and keep complications out.

So you may need data tables, charts, and graphs. You may also need images and animated functions. Those are especially important if you are demonstrating progressive data, trends, or changing phenomena such as construction progression on a specific area over a certain duration.

Like this presentation:


Organize the most important information first. Then follow up with supporting information. Also, use minimalist font selection and color scheme to make the vital information pop without distractions.

So look for a presentation design agency that can help you break down overwhelming data into digestible, easier-to-make-sense-of information so you can inform


  1. Arousing Presentations

Goal: To evoke attention to a specific situation or problem

Example applications: TED Talks, corporate debate


This type of presentation seeks to rouse emotions amongst the audience so it can become receptive to the situation or topic being presented.

To best lead the audience to consider the situation, discussion, or problem, use a mix of highly visual illustrations. For example, use statistics accompanied by say video, images, and/or infographics relevant to the effects of the situation.

Using real-life stories, images, and videos, as well as anecdotes helps further connect with the audience and rouse their engagement.

So look for a presentation template that can handle a mix of visual illustrations to help you narrate your story, point, problem, and suggestions


  1. Instructional Presentations

Goal: To teach a skill—especially a new one

Example applications: product demo, tutorials, instructional videos, safety demonstration, procedure presentation


Best to use this presentation type when your company has installed new software, process, or system. Or just came up with new procedures, say for reporting harassment at the workplace.

All or a section of involved personnel will need to know how to use the new installation appropriately. So it must be thorough, unambiguous, and even use demonstration where applicable.

Such a presentation should give clear, step-by-step details on what any person is required to do to successfully use the new installation.

So look out for presentation design providing tools that make it easy for listeners to follow, breakdown why a process should be done the way it is explained, and even a backup to the given procedure.


  1. Persuasive Presentations

Goal: To win over the audience to the presenter’s stand on a particular discussion

Example applications: pitch decks, political debates


To persuade the audience, clearly present the main problem, your suggestions, and why taking the proposed route is beneficial to the audience.

But the presentation should also offer supporting evidence of whatever advantages the presenter claims.

Also aim to connect emotionally and use highly emotional presentation templates, images, videos, and other illustration types. The end-game is to gather support and win the audience’s approval.


So look for a corporate presentation design solution that’s tailored to your audience, including persuasive color schemes, font selection, moving illustrations, and branding capability to boost your credibility


Use the Right Presentation Styles, Too

We understand every company is unique. And different presentation styles work best with different presentation settings and presenter personalities. That’s why our PowerPoint corporate presentation services highlight your uniqueness—not detract from it.

We will help amplify your call to action with your most ideal PowerPoint presentation style, including:


  1. Storytelling Style Presentation

Everyone loves a good story. And stories do inject life and pizzazz into your power points. Telling a story will help you build a connection with your audience.

Using real-life stories is especially effective with this style. These are more authentic and invite the audience to feel the zeal, anguish, or another relatable emotion you experienced.

But anecdotes can help immensely as well—especially when you want to avoid referring back to yourself. Or don’t have a real-life example the audience can relate to.

Google manages to give its story in a creative, fun, and easy-to-follow story with doodles here:


Also, see how Jill Bolt Taylor uses the style here:


Or how Daniel Amen starts and flows his technical TEDx Talk here:


  1. Visual Style Presentation

Steve Jobs was an exemplary visual presentation style user. The style is for you, too, if you prefer minimal text complementing your talking points. It’s also excellent for large audiences, giving an overview of a deeper subject, and putting together in short notice.

Help your audience read less and see more like this:


Or make out the difference between conflicting sides of an argument/discussion like this:



This slide the map to visually show the location of the subject matter:


Also, see Steve Jobs in his element here:


  1. Lessig Style Presentation

Use the style if you want to keep your medium to a large audience engaged and focused on the presentation screen than anything else.

Harvard law professor, Lawrence Lessig, invented the style such that the presenter flashes through each slide within 15 seconds. No much explanation—perhaps because what the speaker says synchronizes with what’s displaying on the screen.

Here’s the professor himself using the style:


  1. Coach Style Presentation

A favorite style among consultants, DIY coaches, and inspirational speakers. The speakers exude personality, entertain role-playing, and ooze charismatic energy. The zeal is contagious to the audience.

Just ensure to switch to asking the audience questions, pacing your presentation, and inviting real-time feedback from the audience.

Remember: in a coach presentation styler setting, people don’t want to be spoken to, they want to engage in a conversation.

See how to make use of that gift of the gab like Linda Edgecombe here:


  1. Instructional Style Presentation

A style heavily associated with Al Gore, switch to presentation style if you need to explain how something, an idea, tool, product, or service works to a new audience. Like an instructor, teacher, or professor, use lots of content to make the subject matter clear and actionable.

Use metaphors and other language elements to draw connections with what’s familiar to the audience. Go step-by-step and breakdown the concept in a logical order.

The aim is to help your listeners get up to speed with you on the new concept—so you don’t lose them to jargon.

See the style at work here:


Also, see how Al Gore became synonymous with the instructional presentation style here:

See Al Gore’s climate change presentation here


  1. Connector Style Presentation

Think Q&A sessions. See how the speaker moves around (on and off-stage), gives examples, uses a member from the audience to illustrate a point? That’s a connector. This presentation seeks to make the audience feel like the presenter is one of them.

So the presenter has to understand his audience and what makes them tick more than when using the storyteller style.

See Mel Robbins in here:

The presentation does use slides, but only to highlight main talking points—typically adding on impromptu content based on the audience’s reaction, lots of gestures, and highly emotional figures of speech.


  1. Garr Style Presentation

Originally invented as The Presentation Zen style by Garr Reynolds, the style combines short phrases, single words, or quotations with high-quality photos. The photos could be acting as a slide’s background. Or can be next to the short phrase, quotation, or single word—with a white or bold-color background. The style is especially known for largely using quotations.

Like this:


See the inventor himself use the style:



There are other design styles and formats out there and more keep coming to the fore. We experiment with different presentation styles to create custom PowerPoint presentation design services.

We’ll work with your team to understand your custom design, new presentation design for PowerPoint, or suggest a custom design for you depending on your needs.

For example, we are a leading web and presentation design company. We do advise the best applications for these presentation formats, so suitable campaigns can make the most impact with their presentations.


Grab attention, increase engagement and communicate your message successfully with powerful presentation design ideas

Poor presentation design fails even the best ideas.

A weak presentation layout design is likely to hurt your communication, making it harder to connect, communicate and convert your audience into listeners. But a great presentation will help you draw your audience closer to your way of thinking. So you can earn their attention and focus, as well as gain the credibility you deserve.

So how do you inspire razor-sharp focus, consistent engagement and win your audience’s ears, hearts and minds?


Get Creative with Professional Presentation Design Templates

Delightful design and robust storytelling help increase comprehension, engagement, and retention. This will help you arouse positive emotional responses when it matters most for maximum impact.

And getting the best presentation design tools will help you turn your passion into an organized, articulate and professionally delivered session that works for your specific needs.

Achieve presentation success by using a clean presentation design layout that highlights your message. That way you do not overwhelm your audience with information-packed slides that counter your intention.


Turn Creative PowerPoint Presentation Design into Crisp-clear, Eye-Catching Exhibitions

Boring presentations detract from your core message.

A tiny detail can easily flush a genius PowerPoint presentation down the drain of failed ideas. And it hurts to see a great idea rejected because of a sloppy presentation design background failure.

Whether you are using PowerPoint, Keynote, Visage or PDFs, ensuring your images, content and data visualization is on point will help you create clear and powerful presentations that your audience loves.

Your target audience will be able to follow your lead, understand your core value proposition, so they can embrace your presentation.


Get More Approvals from The Right People

Make your presentation matter to your audience by making it about them. Strike a chord with your target audience by helping them to easily and conveniently process everything you say with simple, clean layouts and content design.

Presentation design is one of our most popular services right now.

We see forward-thinking brands wanting to spark meaningful discussions when it matters most. And that’s when they can’t afford to bore their audience with clunky demonstrations.

You work hard to gain the attention you deserve. Sondora works harder to ensure you capitalize on the attention you deserve.


Want to inject power, clarity, and zing into your presentations?

A professional presentation design agency can empower you to create seamless presentations that enlighten, engage and enchant your target audience.

We now offer presentations redesign services, or also referred to as presentation (re)Design. We will help you overhaul, recreate and optimize your presentations setup to meet your various needs. And we are happy to see you shine on your next presentation.


Why Sondora is Your Best Presentation Design Agency

Our corporate presentation design service helps busy professionals make the point, convert listeners to supporters, and leave a lasting impression.


  • Fully-managed Presentation Design Company

You’ll get a project manager to help keep everything in order, within your timeline, and ticking all your needs—so you don’t have to. Want your brand colors professionally showing your colors and company personality? We’ve got you covered. Check in to see how well your presentation is going and ask for a redesign or changes if necessary. We’ll make it happen. No questions asked.


  • A Presentation Design Service You Can Trust

We are strict about protecting our clients’ confidential PowerPoint presentations. Expect us to handle your work ourselves and consistently guard the integrity of your information. Every. Time.


  • Everything Handled, with You

You choose what your company needs. We make it happen for you. Not a graphic designer or PowerPoint pro? We have a team ready to create just the right deck in time for your next presentation—from scratch without you having to lift a finger.


  • Your Team without the Overdraft

Keep your operating costs low with our scalable team of professional presentation designers on demand. Our team, spread in the US and Europe, can seamlessly collaborate with your team as well to ensure you get what you first envisioned minus last-minute changes. Outsource the presentation design to us and achieve your end without the added baggage.


  • Full-service Presentation Design Company

We have a dedicated team of corporate PowerPoint presentation designers at your call. Not only that. Our designers work closely with our marketers to ensure your presentations attract, convert, and retain the right audience for you.


  • Our Clients are Raving

Our presentation design templates speak for themselves, showcasing just a glimpse of the corporate PowerPoint presentation solutions you can expect from us. Ready to use useful, engaging, and memorable presentations that make your audience take action?


Our Presentation Design Process is Quick and Simple


  1. Reach Out to Us

Hit contact. You’ll be in touch with one of our qualified staff to take you through our presentation design services.

  1. Show Us What You Got

Send us your source file or your PowerPoint presentation design preferences and a timeline for when you need it ready. We’ll take it from there.

  1. We Review

Our design team will consider your presentation needs and get back to you within the shortest time with information on the next step.

  1. Choose Quote and Plan

We design custom PowerPoint presentations so we’ll base the quote on your specific needs. Watch for our offers and special plans.

  1. First Draft

Expect an initial design draft from us within a pre-discussed duration. We’ll make a follow-up call in case more clarification or consultations are needed.

  1. Final Touches

We'll make any redesign or touch-up suggestions you want to be incorporated into the final design

  1. We Deliver

Expect the final design within the initial timeline and in a format you prefer and easily work with


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