Motion Design and Graphics

Motion graphic design presents a dynamic, energetic and is a life-like way to use graphics to tell your story. Motion Design requires unconventional thinking and borderless imagination. Beyond the natural phenomena. SONDORA can design a dynamic and appealing motion graphics tailored to your needs.


Motion Design and Graphics for Business: Turning First Impressions to Long-Lasting Relationships Fast

While static graphics are attractive and compelling, motion graphics inject a dash of life into non-living objects to make for even more eye-catching, engaging and compelling storytelling.

As video becomes a favorite content type, motion graphics fit right in with any type of content marketing strategy and target audience.


Bring Life to Your Illustrations and Earn the Attention You Need

Moving graphics are captivating in that they spark excitement and ooze personality—more than static graphic design options do.

So you can use the best styles of motion graphics for your target audience to get the attention you deserve.

Motion graphics can say a lot in an interesting way and within a short time, too. Professional motion graphics production can help rocket your brand image, credibility, and outreach.

This is important considering the average online reader’s attention span has decreased dramatically over the last few years.

Yet, compelling your audience to stick around to the end of your content could mean the difference between a missed sale and successful conversion.


Tell Your Story Like You Mean It

There are many instances when the best way to tell your brand’s story is to use motion pictures. Two great examples of motion graphics in action include animated video marketing and dynamic graphics explainer videos.  For many solopreneurs and small businesses, the cost of video production can be high. The animated video explainers are a cost-effective way to present your product or service.


Make your Presentations Clear to Improve Comprehension

You can use motion graphics to break up large chunks of technical information into simple, easy to understand explainer videos to drive your message home. Every. Single. Time.

Our creatives will work with you to guarantee you use the best motion graphics style for your target audience, in 2D and 3D too. We will guide you through crafting an elaborate, end-to-end experience beyond what your target audience expects from you.

Also, you will benefit from learning how to apply the most appropriate motion design for marketing your brand.


No Need to Break a Bank to Get Noticed and Heard, Either

Animating for business will help you reach your video marketing goals at a fraction of the cost of shooting feature films to realize your branding and marketing strategy.

Our animation experts can create a short or full-length motion graphic picture from scratch or static graphics to help you meet your goals.


Motion Graphics Are as Flexible and Practical as You Like

We can help you create high fidelity motion graphics for advertising, content marketing, and shareable social media material.

You can choose what type of character you want to expose to your target market, and we can help you define your ideal motion graphics style to suit the preferences of different buyer personas.

If you want to add spank to your brand identity or do an all-out brand recall, motion graphics can easily prime your audience for the change. Furthermore, studies show people perceive brands that use creative channels to engage them as progressive and worth buying from.


Now, over to you

Ready to create memorable customer experiences throughout your customer journey with dynamic graphics?

Our motion graphic designers want to see you succeed. So we will first jointly find a good idea of which style of dynamic graphics is most appropriate for your specific target audience, brand messaging, product or service.

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