We are your Multilingual Organic Search Engine Optimization Agency that delivers quick & long-lasting results. Visibility is the first step to building trust and revenue generation from online channels. If your web pages aren’t found on Google’s organic search (SERPs), then your business doesn't exist to your target audience. Sondora’s services are dedicated to helping you achieve first page rankings and lots of high-quality traffic, so-much-needed Brand Awareness and Online Visibility. With a great multi-lingual team of Search Engine Optimization Agency specialists who are trained on the latest Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, Amazon algorithms, we provide White Hat SEO techniques that will get your website products and services pages to the very top in the search results, in the shortest possible timeframe, in many languages, on many search engine platforms.


In order to get a website optimized well for search, it is crucial to understand the underlying need for online visibility. Why do you want the website visitors seeing your content on your web pages? What do you want them to do and how do you want to monetize the website traffic? Once the business objectives are defined, it's time to build an SEO STRATEGY that maximizes your opportunities and follows the best practices. Once the strategy is developed, we can start a creative organic search engine optimization process to hit those business objectives.

Website code analysis and technical issues repair process. Mobile responsiveness fixed. Crawlability maximized. Pages load speed minimized. Schema Markup added.
Website backlinks profile analysis. Weaknesses and opportunities identified. Manual Outreach to high-relevance websites to your niche is launched. Guest Posting is the key backlinks acquisition channel for us.
Keyword research, target keywords selection, keywords mapping. Then we write technical specs for SEO copywriters to create a copy that both the people and search engines like.
Content distribution across the business vertical relevant multiple marketing channels. Perpetual SEO performance analysis, testing, changes implementation and reporting.


Depending on the Project complexity, we engage 5 to 10 SEO specialists to maximize the results for our clients. Here is a minimum team set up for the project:

Here is how we structure our multilingual organic SEO agency squad at SONDORA MARKETING


From 100 to 20,000 relevant monthly website visitors within 12 months

Number of inquiries via website contact form increased by 560%

Base for future retargeting formed

15x Sales increase from online channels


Sondora partners with leading organizations that range from multinational market-leading corporations to entrepreneurs to provide our clients with end to end solutions.


Competition and region

The number of competitors' sites in your business niche is one of the main criteria for assessing the amount of work and time for website promotion

Number of keywords and keyword difficulty

The more competitive high-frequency requests, the more expensive and longer their ranking takes

Technical SEO

Web pages load speed, crawlability, pagination, URLs structure, website code quality, website security and many other factors influence Organic Search Engine Optimization Agency's pricing and timeline decisions.

On-Page Optimization

Search engines constantly update their algorithms. Content build for users, Click-Through-Rates, Usability, Keywords Strategy (Research, Targeting, Clusterization, Mapping, Density), Interlinking.

Client's readiness to adopt our recommendations.

Single-Language or Multilingual SEO is time and human capital intensive, and clients' patience is one of the key components to success. It may be nerve wrecking to see the website traffic going down for a week or two. But that's just how the website traffic develops overtime. The Top Search Engine Optimization Agency Specialists all know that a short-term decrease in organic traffic is a prerequisite for substantial rankings and targeted traffic increase.

Off-Page Optimization
Once the technical SEO stage is successfully completed and Onpage SEO is perfectly crafted, the final battle with competitors begins. The process of building high-quality, high-relevancy and high-traffic backlinks is the stage where the winner for the first position in ranking is decided. This stage is where Amateurs are separated from the Pros. We adhere to Search Engines guidelines and we always win the long-term battles for this reason.


Beware of optimizers, which guarantee the first places in organic search results on the basis of special relations with search engines. Priority placements and a magic button do not exist.

Do you think Organic SEO Agency is expensive? Compare with traditional advertising!

REACH:Only one street in one city.
AUDIENCE:Most are not the target audience.
COST:Space rent, billboard design, materials, etc.
DATA TYPE:Static data, hard to measure ROI.


Average Billboard Space Rent USD 12,000/month in Larger Cities

Cost of SEO-promotion from USD 1,500 per month

REACH:All the streets, all the cities!
AUDIENCE:90% is your target audience. 90% of new visitors daily.
COST:No additional costs.
DATA TYPE:Regularly updated and measurable data, clear ROI.

How to choose the right Multilingual Organic Search Engine Optimization Agency?

5 important criteria for choosing an SEO consulting firm:

  1. SEO-company has been around in the market for some time.
  2. The company is ready to prove high-level expertise.
  3. The site of the selected organic SEO Agency is in the TOP positions for relevant queries. If for SEO related search queries their site is not in the TOP, then what kind of a job can they do for your business?
  4. Check whether the selected Search Engine Optimization Agency company has professional in-house SEO strategists, copywriters and web developers in case you need to make edits to your website or its interface. This will greatly simplify your life, as all the work on the site will be carried out by one company and you will not spend your most valuable and irreplaceable resource, that is the time.
  5. Location and pricing need to make sense. Do not choose an Organic Search Engine Optimization Agency from outside of Western Europe or North America because if anything goes wrong with your website you will not be able to claim the damages. Is losing your website traffic for several months worth some USD thousands in savings with high-risk of damaging your online reputation and losing the revenue generating web traffic?

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Organic SEO Agency

Why is Organic Search Engine Optimization Agency paid monthly, not once?

The Experienced Organic Search Engine Optimization Agencies typically charge monthly retainer fees because of the search engines algorithms. The algorithms are built in a such a way that any change made to the website is starting positively or negatively impacting the rankings with a fairly large time lag (from weeks to months).

Why is Search Engine Optimization Agency charging a set up fee, even if the Clients pay a monthly retainer?

During the first month of the engagement, the E-commerce, Medical Practice or Manufacturing Search Engine Optimization Agency spends a tremendous amount of effort on fixing the website code, analyzing the competition, finding, clustering, and mapping out the keywords, building the strategy. If this first stage is skipped or improperly done, the whole SEO campaign is destined to a painful and expensive failure.

How quickly will my site be in the first place?

Short answer: The websites with well thought-through SEO strategy and low-to-medium competition online start ranking at the top within 6-12 months from the date of the campaign launch. The longer and more accurate answer is "It depends".

Why is Position 1 in SERPs considered to be the most premium real estate? Here is what statistical data telling us:

As you can see, the number of clicks on position 6 is SEVEN TIMES lower than on position 1. This means 7x the Revenue.

A better question to ask is "how quickly will my site be ranking at the Top of the organic search for the most relevant and high-traffic keywords?". The SEO community uses a term "keyword difficulty (KD)" which is measured from 0 to 100 (easiest to the hardest to rank). If your target keywords are KD 75+ it can take years to rank to the Top, as the competition for this search term is very high.

Search Engines Algorithms are among the largest secrets the search engine companies have. These algorithms change all the time. Google makes minor changes to the algorithm over 100 times a year and releases large algorithm updates 3-4 times per annum. These changes always shift the rankings up or down to all the websites worldwide. A knowledgeable Search Engine Optimization Consultant adjusts the strategy and web pages basis its own understanding and testing of which ranking factors the algorithm update gave a higher or lower relevancy to.

These are the two biggest reasons why no credible SEO firm will ever provide any concrete timeline for ranking to the Top.

Why did it take a whole month, and my site is still not in the first place?

This is because of how the Algorithms work. If you do SEO for the first time on your website, the algorithms will start rewarding your web pages with a higher ranking and higher traffic only after 4-6 months from the professional engagement launch. If your website is of a high quality, has some age and relevant traffic, you can expect to see some positive dynamics in the rankings within 2-3 months.

Do I need to stop doing SEO after my website has reached the top positions?

It is totally up to your decision.

Most of our Clients stay with us for years. That is because once their web pages receive substantial traffic and rank for selected keywords, other variations of the relevant keywords can be targeted by us, other services can be offered to the web pages visitors, other locations can be added to the offering. It is hard to say "NO" to an almost free customer acquisition channel that requires little-to-no time investment from our Clients and that generates healthy profits. Moreover, we have a loyalty program in place.

Why do I need texts on the site?

Text on the web pages to Search Engines is like oxygen to human beings. The Search Engines cannot figure out what the web page is about unless there is a certain number of words from a "keyword family" related to a certain topic published. Search Engines' intention is to show the most relevant answer to the search query. Without a professionally written copy under the guidance of the SEO experts, it is practically impossible to get to the first positions in the online search.

Is SEO a good investment?

Absolutely YES! The Search Engine Optimization process is a process of building of one of the most important digital assets any business must have - a strong website with highly relevant and massive online traffic that converts into Sales. SEO is where most of the digital marketing budgets are worldwide due to the highest consistent and predictable ROMI.

Can you tell me more about SONDORA MARKETING?
SONDORA MARKETING is your Single-Language or Multilingual Organic Search Engine Optimization Agency that delivers long-term results. 

Choose the right Search Engine Optimization experts  to empower your inbound marketing strategy

Struggling to get to the first page of Google or Bing? Yet you watch your competitors receive all the emails and phone calls. The problem with that is……the lower you sink on search the less organic traffic you get to boost your long-term lead generation. The less effective your online marketing becomes. The more marketing funds you bleed without a deserved recovery. And for what? Nothing tangible in ROI. So no one will know about your awesome product, service or opinion. They can’t see it, so it won’t matter. But ranking highly in search results will help you get the attention you deserve.

Get More Organic Traffic to Your Website with our services delivered

Because ranking highly for targeted keywords will help attract ideal visitors, it can help you attract more quality leads. That is what you want. Quality leads convert to buyers much easier than casual browsers—meaning you burn smaller marketing funds and get higher returns. What our multi-lingual digital marketing agency does for you is:
  • Seek out and Target your ideal audience
  • Serve them with resourceful, engaging and enchanting content they can use
  • Use the best semantic search models
  • Implement the right LSI keywords/phrases techniques
  • Optimize your Website and Web pages important to you and your customers
  • Get your known and referred to online
  • Improve your website authority
  • Test incoming results, adjust your strategy and tactics to help with continuous improvement
Search engine optimization success is that simple. But executing the process isn’t—yet an SEO professional can help.

Attract Only Ideal Buyers to Boost Conversions, Fast—With the #1 SEO Consultant, based in Switzerland and serving medium-to-large size clients across Europe and North America.

Search engine users type in queries to look for credible solutions to dissolve their pain-points.  Search marketing is not what it used to be. Keyword stuffing, black hat SEO hacks, and irrelevant content marketing are dead and/or harmful. Keep trending along that lane and the next Google search algorithm update might remove your site from Google completely. And dunk it into oblivion. You do not want that!If you can use prudent SEO techniques that address your users’ intent, you are almost guaranteed to increase visibility and conversions. So here you go. With Sondora you’ll have a tried-and-tested, step-by-step strategy to convert content into free, organic traffic in the shortest possible time. You will get the latest SEO techniques to help you rank and attract visitors, so you can nurture leads, grow your email list, turn traffic to a loyal audience and finally convert targeted visitors to buying customers that stay with

More Than An SEO Agency that Knows What They Are Doing… for You

At SONDORA we do not cut corners. With a full-house of specialized digital marketers, we are keen to implement only White Hat solutions that give you long-lasting results—and thrive on Google algorithm updates. Want to successfully boost your website visits and conversions? Here’s a snarky preview of what you will get from our detailed discovery by our SEO consultant:
  1. Find out how to conduct a thorough SEO audit of your site (and how to interpret results to make them work for you)
  2. See how our technical SEO team will fix 100% of your website’s issues to boost On-Page Optimization (and learn why it matters so much).
  3. Learn how our team of copywriters and graphic designers will help you create authoritative, engaging and linkable content that your site visitors want to share: quality images, videos, text, infographics, etc. This is vital for efficient Off-page Optimization and effective backlinks building.
  4. You get the latest website performance enhancements in one place. From Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and responsive web design fixes to good ol’ page loading boosts
  5. See how we use powerful in-house tools to measure search performance backed by real-time, data-based insight (We will show you how to do it too).
  6. Rest easy and leave the legwork to us (Or you can come along and we’ll involve you throughout the search engine optimization process if you want to).
  7. Learn how we ensure positive SERP results we produce sustain you for the longest-run. We’ve got your back.
We appreciate that your firm is unique, so our web marketing team will develop a custom SEO plan for you from scratch to boost your Google Search results. We’ll take you to the first page of Google (read “Closer to your clients”). It is true that SEO is a long, continuous and tiring process requiring constant attention and hard work. It does require team involvement. But if you get it right, the benefit to your business is impressive. The good news is that Search Engine Optimization may be painlessly outsourced to an expert Search Engine Optimization Agency like SONDORA SA.Now it’s your turn.

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