Our story

Our Story: The Story Behind the Sondora Scene

SONDORA was born in Lugano, Canton Ticino, Switzerland out of an irresistible ache.

The company founders, having two decades long experience in Global Business Development, International Marketing, and Sales, came up with the initial idea of helping European companies growing their business at scale. It was repeatedly nerve-wracking seeing large and medium-size corporations working like it's 1980's. Instead of watching from a distance, they rolled up the sleeves and came up with a plan.

It Begins with Business Strategy consulting

The initial game plan was to help companies align Marketing and Sales with Overall Business Strategy. This would make it easy for customers to reach out to and engage with their favorite brands yet have the companies' internal lateral relationships improved. A real possibility to save the planet, one client at a time.

Several years after, the real passion for Digital Marketing was developed due to its borderless ability to help companies deliver more value to the customers with creativity, speed and at scale.

Powerful Identities Design

Web design and development, as well as graphic design services for Switzerland and Italy-based clients were added. It was more of an art than science. A passion for Web and Graphic Design had kicked in quickly. Branding had followed too. An indulgence that incessantly moved our initial team to use Web Design and Development to build powerful identities and user-friendly interfaces.

To usher memorable experiences, and create smooth and seamless interactions between brands and their customers.

The Great Transformation

Over time working with our clients, the rise of Sondora's later transformation began:
More clients were working with us because of the design and improved usability. Sondora has been building responsive and seamless Website designs as foundations for future marketing campaigns.

A great site—unlike the old static bogs that existed then—provided a takeoff runway for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and lead generation, two bubbling online marketing strategies that were upcoming. ... show more

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) started to become a mass adopted technology in the gaming industry. Sondora realized that such breathtaking technology could be a great addition to clients' marketing efforts. New partnerships were born with latest technology developers that upon Sondora's ideas implemented such ideas to viable products.

Yet, many of Sondora's clients shared their frustration about the overwhelming number of software solutions needed for managing the daily marketing tasks. At that stage, having conducted a thorough market study and multiple tests, Sondora has partnered with SALESmanago, the Leading Marketing Automation solution provider in Europe, that helps companies across the globe to minimize the human involvement in many of the marketing daily tasks, improve the personalization and customer experience in bilateral interactions between the brands and customers. Sondora has found a bigger and better platform to help our progressive clients to do more with less work and time while delivering value across the entire customer journey. A Marketing Automation Consulting Service is launched.

The overwhelming desire to satisfy our clients' new needs positioned Sondora to be an innovation-driven digital marketing agency

Made of People. Growing With People

We are a team of international digital natives with a management consulting, marketing, design, and technology background. We have maintained this approach and continue to focus on deploying innovation and technology in marketing to help our clients improve their customer experiences while meeting their business objectives. The Sondora team is the force behind Sondora's happy clients. ... show more

Our diverse backgrounds ensure we understand the business holistically in both traditional and digital business environments. We have built a business using digital growth hacking techniques we share with clients. So we can help other companies to scale theirs to new heights.

The Future: Building A Company We Love

We continue to grow and offer a number of customer-centric solutions for growing their businesses. Currently, we are setting up inventive Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies to help forward-looking Fashion Industry clients make their marketing campaigns stand out from the crowd in a modern world. We are also offering digital marketing consultation services to help businesses supercharge their own online marketing. We are helping