We usually don’t like bragging. However, this specific achievement deserves recognition. Here is a Google Ads Case Study that shows that testing is everything in Conversion Rate Optimisation, and Challenging the Assumptions must be a part of any PPC Marketing Campaign. 


Our Client is an established medium-size regional ethnic food e-commerce website that competes with other 20+ companies locally. Having tried Facebook Advertising with another digital marketing agency the ROI was not exceptionally good. CPM was fairly high, the CPA was good but not great. Having been referred to SONDORA MARKETING by a great customer of us, the business owner visited us to brainstorm on developing a new Online Marketing Channel that would replace Facebook Ads with a better performing Channel. The goal was to increase the Sales and Profits with the same marketing budget allocation within 90 days.



Having conducted thorough market research and competitive analysis, our Digital Strategist has recommended starting building up Google Ads Inbound Channel in the first 6 months. And there was a decision to run a campaign in 2 languages too.



Google Ads campaign, just like any other PPC campaign, takes time to optimize to perfection. Our PPC Team has been A/B/X testing the Ads constantly from Day 1.

We assumed that most of the traffic will come from mobile devices, and we were right. 87% of the buyers came from mobile phones (mainly Android).

We have learned that the most converting audience was 18 – 24 years of age. This was a big surprise to us because our assumption appeared to be totally wrong. To be honest, even our Customer did not know that such a young audience will be so well receptive to our offers. The product our customer sells is fairly expensive. Therefore, our messaging was geared towards 35+ age consumers. However, our standard operating procedure (SOP) requires stress testing our own assumptions. This allowed us to find a gem.


Result: Our Record is Broken + A Very Happy Customer

Our Google Ads expert has been optimizing the campaign with great result improvement week after week. Google serves our Ads on average position 1.3 which is great. 7 weeks through the process, we have reached our agency best Conversion to Sales ever! A Whopping 44.75% conversion rate!!! This means that almost every second person coming to the website ends up placing the order.

google ads CPA and conversion rate record

Screenshot Source: Our Google Ads Management Panel

Now. We know that a high conversion rate is not a great KPI for measuring true campaign success. So we compared the Cost per Acquisition (CPA) with the one obtained by Facebook Ads before us. Our Campaign CPA was 12% of the one from Facebook Ads. That is 9 times cheaper than Facebook Ads.

Our optimized campaign allowed the Customer for a great profit. And this is exactly what matters to the business owner. Our Customer is currently enjoying a great Low-Cost Marketing Channel (per order) working 24/7 almost on the Autopilot for them.