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About project

Officina Lifestyle is a Fashion and Lifestyle industry Management Consulting Firm helping the most ambitious global brands to improve their market share, operations and financial results. The company founder Luca Donnini is a well-known Fashion Companies Executive who lead brands like Max Mara and Guess to an amazing success.

Main goals

The major objectives for the Website Redesign Project: Value Proposition Communication improvement, design and development of a small yet visually pleasing website that resonates well with the target audience, builds trust with the visitors and generates inquiries.

Website redesign

SEO is one of our core services. Therefore, we really prefer to move our clients from Wix to other CMS options that are more SEO-friendly. This time around, we had to create the design that is possible to execute on WIX. So this project was definitely outside of our comfort zone because our client didn't want to move from Wix. We ended up completing the project in no time. It took just 10 days from Ideation stage to a fully redesigned website deployment. I guess, we like WIX a little bit better for small and plain design websites now.

Target Audience Identification

Services Portfolio Revised to focus on what's really important to the Target Audience

Trust Building Elements added to Home Page

Complete website redesign

Website Development on WIX

GDPR compliance package added with the Privacy Policy and opt-in form

Home page

Other pages

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