General information
The Internet presentation under («Website») is being operated by Sondora SA («Sondora»). This Data Privacy Declaration governs the way Sondora collects, uses and maintains information on users of the Website.

If you use this Website you automatically consent to Sondora’s collection, processing and usage of the personal information about you listed below for the purposes stipulated herein. This consent may be revoked by you at any time for any future applicability of the aforementioned.

Information Sondora will collect
Sondora may collect personal user data in various ways, for instance if you visit the Website, subscribe to a newsletter or in conjunction with any other activities, services, functions or resources Sondora makes available on the Website.

Sondora shall not make any efforts to identify you and shall collect personal data of yours only if you share such information with Sondora voluntarily. You do have the option to visit the Website anonymously. Nonetheless, Sondora may collect information about you whenever you are interacting with the Website or respond to newsletters or mailings sent by Sondora. In the event that you should register for a protected area, Sondora may ask you to send specific personal information to you so that Sondora can manage the user relationship.

While you are visiting the Website, for technical reasons, certain information will also be registered by Sondora’s server automatically. In this context, your IP address may be stored or the server will register the operating system you are working with, what your language setting are or which browser you are using and which of the pages of the Website you are visiting. Principally, Sondora also registers the website from which you have landed on its Website.

In order to be able to offer you Sondora’s services, Sondora has to use cookies on the Website.

You do have the option to prevent the storage or installation of cookies by adjusting your server settings accordingly. However, Sondora does emphasize that in this case you may not be able to fully use all of the functions on this Website. More information about cookies can be found in the declaration on Cookies below.

Use of the information collected by Sondora
Sondora shall use the information collected from you exclusively for the purpose of offering its goods and services and to align the Website with your specific needs and to be able to optimize it on a continuous basis. Certain information is also collected for statistical and marketing purposes, also with a focus on the optimization of the Website and its further development.

Sharing of personal information
In the absence of your express consent, Sondora shall not sell, exchange or share any of the collected information to/with third parties. However, in the scope defined below, Sondora does reserve the right to share the collected information with third parties: (i) Sharing with affiliated or controlled companies as well as sub-contractors, who are subject to this Data Privacy Declaration or who abide by principles that offer at a minimum the same protection as this Data Privacy Declaration; (ii) Sharing with service providers who administrate the Website or connected data bases or provide other services, such as the monitoring of web traffic, website visitors onsite behavior or statistical analyses (analytical services such as Google Analytics). However, Sondora shall undertake to disclose only generic information that does not make it possible to identify sensitive data of religious, sexual, political nature; (iii) For the protection of Sondora and third parties, collected information may be shared with third parties if a pertinent legal mandate requires it or if such sharing is necessary to enforce the Terms of Use or to protect the rights of Sondora or those of third parties.

Google analytics and Similar analytical solutions by function This Website uses Google, Yandex and other Analytics software («Analytics»), a web analysis services offered by different service providers such as Google Inc. («Google»). Analytics utilizes so-called «cookies», which are text files that are stored on your computer and that make it possible to analyze the use of the website by you. The information generated by the cookie about your use of the Website (along with your IP address) is sent to a Google or other Analytics service provider’s server, where it is stored. Analytics provider will use the information to analyze your use of the website, to compile reports about website activities for the operators of the websites and to render other services associated with the website use and the use of the Internet. Google or other Analytics service provider will also transfer the information to third parties if necessary and provided this is permitted under applicable laws. According to Google or other Analytics service provider your IP address will never be connected to other Google or other Analytics service provider data. You do have the option to prevent the installation of the cookies by making changes to your browser software settings, however, we have to point out that this may prevent you from using all of the functions of this Website in their entirety. By using this Website, you consent to the processing of the data collected about you by Google or other Analytics service provider in the manner described above and for the aforementioned purpose. In order to prevent your data from being used by Google or other Analytics service provider Analytics, you have the option to install a deactivation add-on for your browser. For details please go to: HTTPS://TOOLS.GOOGLE.COM/DLPAGE/GAOPTOUT?HL=DE

If Google or other Analytics service provider, («Analytics Provider») does post ads on this Website (text ads, banners, etc.) your browser may store a cookie sent by Analytics Provider or a third party. The information stored in this cookie may be recorded, collected and analyzed by Analytics Provider or third parties. Moreover, to collect information, Analytics Providers also use so-called «WebBeacons» (small, invisible graphics), the use of which makes it possible to record, collect and analyze simple activities, such as the visitor traffic to the Website. The information about the use of this Website generated by the cookie and/or Web Beacon is transferred to a Analytics Provider’s server, where it is stored.

Analytics Providers use the information obtained to conduct an analysis of your user patterns with regard to the ads. Analytics Provider may possibly transfer the information to third parties provided this is permitted under applicable laws. You may prevent the storage of cookies on your hard drive and the display of Web Beacons. To do this, you will have to select «No cookies accepted» in your browser settings (Internet Explorer users please go to «Extras/Internet Options/Data Privacy/Settings»; Firefox users, please go to «Extras/Settings/Data Privacy/Cookies»).

Social bookmarks
Social bookmarks that are identified by the respective logo are being used on the Sondora Website. Users of certain social media platforms are able to use these social bookmarks to place links of selected Sondora sites into their profiles in order to mark them up or to share the respective page with their contacts. Whenever you click on social bookmarks, you are sending identifying data to the respective social media platform. If you do not want to do this, you should not activate the social bookmarks. To find out more about the collection of data or processing and use of the former by social media platforms, please refer to the data privacy policies of the individual social media platforms.

Security measures
The collected personal information shall be guarded in compliance with the applicable data privacy standards. The related information is maintained at Sondora’s operating sites unless it is forwarded to third parties in compliance with the provisions defined above.

Sondora retains any collected personal information only for a reasonable period of time or as long as it is required to retain it by law. Collected information that is not personal is not subject to any restrictions.

Modification of this Data Privacy Declaration
Sondora reserves the right to modify this Data Privacy Declaration at any time. Sondora recommends that you review this Data Privacy Declaration at regular intervals so that you will always be aware of Sondora’s latest approach to the protection of your personal data. When you visit the Website, you also acknowledge that it is your responsibility to review this Data Privacy Declaration periodically and to find out about any changes that may have been made.

Governing law
Any and all disputes arising from or in conjunction with the use of this Website shall be governed by Swiss Law and shall be settled only by the courts at the headquarters domicile of Sondora in Paradiso (Switzerland) subject to the exclusion of the colliding laws provisions.

Questions regarding this Data Privacy Declaration
If you should have any questions related to this Data Privacy Declaration, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time via e-mail:

January 2018