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We provide a Conversion focused Web Design and Development to Awesome Companies! We at Sondora believe that you need a website to maximize your efforts in your proceedings. Creating a website is simple. Creating a website that reflects your company’s values, heritage and identity are not, creating a website that a visitor can easily navigate and complete a planned task on is not. Our web designers’ and UX/UI experts’ efforts translate into a Better User Experience, Intuitive Discoveries, and Consistent Conversions.

Being marketing strategists, our Digital Marketing Agency as well as Web Design Company, SONDORA SA always adds a math component to the art of web design. SONDORA always creates a responsive website that pleases the eyes, addresses visitors' concerns and aspirations, and makes your company stand out.


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Building websites that deliver value, help you sell and grow your business

At the heart of your digital marketing strategy is your website. Without a delightful website firmly in place, you risk losing traffic and you invite your visitors to the web pages of your competitors. But when you deploy good web design elements, you can reduce bounce rates, improve user experience and increase conversion.


Attractive and Easy-to-Navigate Web Design

After working hard to link back your ideal customers, you still only have the initial 5 seconds to impress your new visitor. If your corporate website design is cluttered, unprofessional and seems outdated, you are likely to lose them for good, to the competition.

Our Web, Graphics and UX/UI designers’ job is to make your first impression count; help you to turn the first visit into just one of many more to come. Your website will be working hard. We give it the web graphics and motion elements to work smart and onboard customers around the clock for you.

And all the while, we will keep you in the loop, so together we can create a website that both you and your tribe love.


Fast and Mobile Responsive Web Design for Your Entire Audience

Welcome your entire audience to your site no matter their screen size. Empower your visitors to engage with you across multiple devices they have with responsive web design.

Create a fast-loading website; access our in-house content layout optimization hacks to optimize user experiences; display the most important pages first to boost engagement and conversion; call to action with confidence.

We know how to get you there because our combined web design best practice spans over a decade of field-tested experience. And our happy clients can tell you all about it.


Build to Optimize Conversion (CRO)

Get landing pages or any other web pages that generate leads and convert to sales. We help businesses to help their visitors enjoy your customer journey, so you can provide the convenience they need to easily convert. Good website design should not only look and feel good to navigate. But it should also help you persuade and automate customer acquisition and conversion.


Looking to create an effective e-commerce website that converts?

We have got you covered.

Choose your best e-commerce platform and we will design and optimize it for you, we shall connect to your ERP, CRM, Payment Gateways and even to your Logistics Partner. We can easily work with:

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Woocommerce
  • Prestashop

A truly advanced Marketing Automation System can be designed and added as a tool that includes visitors tracking, scoring and tagging, real-time personalization, live chat with signals to the Sales Reps, dynamic banners and pop-up notifications, dynamic intelligent product recommendation, A/B/X testing, integration with SMS/VMS and Social Media networks, selling and customer service Chatbot.

There is much more. Get in touch with us for a free e-commerce website consultation to kickstart your business sales online.


With You Every Step of the Way

Web design services for small and medium-sized businesses should not be as exhilarating as some circles make it. We will help you choose among web design trends that are both enjoyable and beyond just functional; appropriate yet oozing with personality; bold yet approachable.

This way you can not only score well with search engines but enchant your customers and guide them through various calls to action. And that includes where to find the vital information they need to know how you can work together.

At SONDORA, we will go the extra mile to offer web design layout tips to match your target audience’s preferences. A great website will open up a world of exponential digital marketing growth and help you sell more.

Want to attract more visitors, boost visibility and improve your conversion rate optimization? You are just an inbox away from creating a website that sells.

Grant us the opportunity to specially design your dream website to the point of greatness!

Contact Us and see what we can accomplish together (starts with a quick, FREE web design audit).


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